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Supporting independent automotive repair shops as they prepare to offer clean vehicle (CV) service

  • 352 Innovation has the resources to help shops grow WITH the clean transportation industry
  • Delivering the resources shop owners need to make the business decisions necessary to find their place in the Clean Vehicle market
  • 352 Innovation provides the necessary resources a shop needs to intelligently answer their customers’ CV questions
  • Experienced automotive technician CV training
  • Electric and hydrogen safety for all shop personal

Learn the fundamentals for diagnosing and fixing

Electric Vehicles

We teach the fundamental theories of electric vehicle operation from the power management to the control systems; allowing experienced shop techs to be able diagnose issues along a range of various clean vehicle makes/models. With our courses, shop techs will learn how individual electrical control systems work and work together.

About Krystyna Kubran the Founder

Krystyna received her Bachelor's of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo (CalPoly SLO) in 2002 and went on to have an exciting career in the manufacturing and design of internal combustion engines and their components for companies in the railroad and automotive industry. Garnering the very unique experience of working in the nuclear power industry, at a California nuclear power plant.

Her expertise and passion for internal combustion engine design and operation drives her passion project of hydrogen combustion engine development.


It is her extensive experience with diesel-electric locomotives that has provided her with the expertise necessary to classify herself as an electric vehicle specialist. The fundamental operational theory of both the locomotive and an EV, is identical.


Understanding the control system is the key to figuring out how the vehicle (or locomotive) works.

Working at a California nuclear power plant for six years taught her that safety culture is critical to safe & successful operation but also critical to the health & wellbeing of every employee.


She has developed a safety training course to pass along the importance of EV safety and how Human Performance Tools can significantly help reduce mishaps in the workplace; regardless of the service offered.

She enjoys cycling, weightlifting and road racing superbikes outside of the office.


Get Your Shop Ready

California moves to accelerate to 100% new zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035.


The Number of Electric Vehicle Models Hitting the US Market by 2025


Number of Trained EV Techs Needed to Support 5 Million EVs by 2025


Percent (%) Increase in Fuel Cell Vehicle Sales by 2030


The Funding ($) California was Awarded by the US Dept of Energy to Become a US Hydrogen Hub

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